How To Fix a Squeaky Floor With Flex Glue

Squeaky floors can often turn an otherwise gorgeous aspect of your home into a living nightmare. Fortunately, depending on the source of the noise, there are many quick and simple remedies for fixing this issue.

Flex Glue is optimal for fixing squeaky floors because of its ability to adhere quickly to wood and countless other types of surfaces. Available in clear and white in both squeeze tubes and cartridges, Flex Glue can help bring your home back to a peaceful oasis  and since Flex Glue gets stronger over time, it will help keep it that way.

Locating the Cause of the Squeaks

An important first step is locating where exactly the squeak is coming from and isolating the source of the unwanted noise. Pinpointing the source will sometimes require going under the surface, but once the culprit has been located, it’s often a quick fix.

Flex Glue works great for repairing squeaky floors, whether the issue is related to gaps in the boards, unstabilized joints and panels, adding padding or other materials, and/or as an additional adhesion when used alongside screws.

Filling Gaps

If it’s merely a gap in the boards or elsewhere that’s causing the squeaky noise, Flex Glue is optimal for mending the issue  without the need of adding extra, often unnecessary, steps. Since Flex Glue is thick yet flexible and dries quickly, simply fill in the gap. Wait for it to cure completely, and then try walking around to make sure the squeaky noise has disappeared. Multiple coats may be required because flooring tends to settle over time, particularly during the repair process.

Stabilizing Joints and Panels

As joints and panels continuously settle and shift over time, Flex Glue provides support yet flexibility for stabilizing these areas. Flex Glue’s ability to grip on tight means saving on the cost of nails and screws — as well as additional labor. Stabilizing the joints will help to minimize the sound caused by the rubbing and squeaking.

Installing Padding and Other Materials

Large-scale projects may require additional materials. For instance, there are times when fixing the squeaky noise requires adding types of padding to provide a cushion for support. Simply apply Flex Glue directly onto the padding (or other materials) for long-lasting adhesion. The good news is that Flex Glue has been tested on a variety of surfaces, making it optimal for providing long-lasting adhesion.

To make sure your project is seamless and successful, we suggest reviewing How to Use Flex Glue. For more information on best practices when using our products, please refer to our FAQs or send us a message. Flex on!