How To Use Flex Seal on Your Gutter

Home repairs can be frustrating, especially when it comes to problems with the gutters. After all, gutter problems can cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Luckily, Flex Seal can help. One of our most common uses, we get the question all the time: “How do I use Flex Seal on my gutter?”

To do so, simply follow the guide below.

How To Use Flex Seal on Your Gutter

1. Prepare by cleaning, drying, and taping off area.

2. Using a gentle sweeping motion, cover the entire area with Flex Seal.

3. Let dry and repeat until all holes are filled.

Tips for Best Results

Before you do anything, make sure your gutter is clean. Prop your ladder securely against your house so that you can reach your gutters. To be safe, have a friend keep your ladder in place while you are on it. Remove any type of twigs and/or leaves that have built up over time. Then, you can flush the gutter using a water hose. Make note of any leaks as you are flushing it. Once your gutter is clean, use a drop cloth to wipe it dry. Next, run wide painter’s tape along the complete edge of the gutter. This will prevent Flex Seal from spraying on unwanted areas.

When ready, grab your can of Flex Seal, and shake it vigorously for about a minute. In a sweeping motion, spray on a nice even coat from a distance of 8 to 12 inches. Allow to dry, up to 24 hours, before applying another coat. In some conditions, it may take 48 hours to fully cure.