Phil Swift and The Sealers Take It to the Max

Phil Swift is taking rock ‘n’ roll by storm with his new band, Phil Swift and the Sealers! They sealed a deal with Liquid Rubber Records and released their smash-hit single, “Take It to the Max.”


This bonded group is so close, you’d think they are one. Together, as Phil Swift and the Sealers, they share a unified vision of leak-stopping rock glory. With Phil on drums, Gutter Von Bond on lead vocals, Tex “Flood” Phillips on guitar, Phlemmy bringing the thunder on bass, and Pat “Chez” Damage on keyboards, this up-and-coming group is leap frogging “super popular” and heading directly to “legendary.”

Meet the Band

Each member of the band has their own unique style and personality, which was quite apparent during our recent Q&A session with the group.