Rain or Snow, Flex Seal is the Way To Go

This blog was written by a member of the Flex Seal Editorial Team. All photos were taken by Flex Seal Studios.

Wicked weather can wreak havoc on your home year-round. From heavy rains in the wet season to snowy days during winter, Mother Nature doesn’t rest. And neither does the Flex Seal Family of Products. When it’s time to prepare before the storm hits, or repair after it passes, these super-strong waterproof sealants and adhesives are here to help you protect what matters most. Read on to learn four ways that Flex Seal products can help you patch, repair, and waterproof your home.

1. Use Flex Seal For Roof Leak Protection

Roof leaks are often associated with heavy downpours, but even a small amount of rain or water from a snow melt can cause issues. Any compromised areas in your roof leave your home vulnerable to damage, so we recommend sealing up those spots with Flex Seal. This incredible rubberized sealant sprays out as a thick liquid and seeps into cracks and holes to create a watertight seal.

Apply Flex Seal to Your Roof in a Few Easy Steps

1. Make sure the area you’re spraying is free of grease, oil, dirt, or debris. Flex Seal always adheres best to a clean and dry surface. 

2. Use painter’s tape to mark off any areas you do not want to get Flex Seal spray on.

3. Spray Flex Seal about 8”-10” away from the desired area, using a smooth, sweeping motion.

4. Allow 24-48 hours for Flex Seal to fully cure before applying additional coats.

Flexpert Tip: Flex Seal Spray is best applied to surface temperatures from 0°F to 100°F. Once fully cured, Flex Seal Spray can withstand temperatures from -20°F to 140°F.

2. Patch a Cracked PVC Pipe Using Flex Tape

When temperatures dip below freezing, there’s always a chance that pipes may freeze. Since temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, the water in frozen pipes may continue to contract (melt) and expand (freeze). This pressure can create weakened areas in the pipes, increasing the potential for a pipe to burst.

If you find yourself in this situation, shut off your main water valve to stop the flow of water. Then, reach for some Flex Tape. This powerful, waterproof adhesive can instantly patch, bond, seal, and repair virtually anything, making it an excellent temporary solution to seal a burst pipe. Flex Tape can even be applied to wet surfaces, just make sure to smooth out any water or air bubbles after applying it.

Flexpert Tip: Flex Tape is not meant to be a permanent fix for this type of repair.

3. Repair Roof Damage

Wind, rain, and snow can batter your home’s roof and cause damage that exposes you to the elements. Be ready to make emergency patch repairs by keeping Flex Tape on hand.

Flex Tape’s powerful adhesive bonds instantly to many types of surfaces and gets stronger with time and pressure. With its thick, flexible rubberized backing, Flex Tape can conform to any shape or object, making it perfect for emergency roof repairs.

Flexpert Tip: Flex Tape MAX is a great choice for larger repairs that require more coverage.

4. Fix Outdoor Accents With Flex Glue

Fences, mailboxes, and other outdoor accents can take a beating from rain, wind, or snow. If you find items around the exterior of your home are loose or have fallen off, use Flex Glue to secure them firmly back into place. This easy-to-use, super strong, waterproof adhesive has amazing instant grab and hold. It works on all types of surfaces, including wood, metal, tile, brick, stone, and more.

Flexpert Tip: Flex Glue fully cures in 12-24 hours and reaches maximum strength in 7 days.

And there you go. Rain or snow, the Flex Seal Family of Products is here to help you prepare, protect, and repair your home with confidence.

By Paula Falcon

Paula is a Creative Copywriter for The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing blogs and marketing copy.