Flex Seal Family of Products Reviews

Does Flex Seal really work? Yes it does! Here is a compilation from news stations, youtube channels and regular users reviewing Flex Tape, Flex Seal and the rest of the Flex Seal Family of Products. Be sure to check out our YouTube playlists for even more reviews and testimonials.


Inside Edition Tests Flex Paste

The Flex Paste commercial is everywhere, and it sure seems like a miracle product that can seal up just about anything, from a wine barrel gushing with water, to a boat constructed with chicken wire. But does it live up to the hype? Inside Edition decided to put the claims to the test, with the help of students at the Grove School of Engineering in New York City and chemical engineering professor Raymond Tu.



Flex Tape: Deal or Dud?

Cynic Gordon Carlson gives Flex Tape his first thumbs up in years.



General Contractor Reviews Flex Seal Liquid

Chett, a general contractor, tests out and reviews Flex Seal Liquid for roof repair.



Flex Seal tested in Hawaii

News channel KHON2 tests out whether Flex Seal can really stop leaks fast.



Flex Glue Review by Tyler Tube

Tyler Tube tests out Flex Glue in a series of organized tests.



Hurricane Sandy Testimonial

Nemo's Pizza talks about using Flex Seal Products when prepping for a hurricane.